Feed Additives for Poultry

Each 1 Kg Contains:
Calcium (Calcium pidolate )                          144 g (Calcium 19.7 g)
Manganese ( Manganese glycine )                 30 g
Zinc ( Zinc glycine )                                         30 g
Vitamin D3 ( 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol )        200000 IU
Calcium Carbonate up to 1 Kg

• Contains the active form of vitamin D3 which increases intestinal calcium absorption without the need of efficient liver and kidney functions .
• Contains zinc to activate of the enzymes responsible for calcium deposition on egg shell.
• Contains manganese responsible for inner matrix formation of the egg.
• Greatly reduces the percentage of egg loss.
• Protects the inner contents of egg from contamination.
• Improves the fertility and hatchability rate.
• Protects the flocks from signs of calcium and Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Inclusion rate: 1 – 2 Kg / 1 ton feed

Package: 25 kg