Feed Additives for Poultry

Each 1 Kg Contains:
Phytase                            1 500 000 FYT
Vitamin D3                          5 000 000 IU
Calcium Carbonate up to 1 Kg

• Source of feed phosphorus releasing enzyme and VIT D3.
• Destructs the phytic acid in which hinders the absorption of more than 65% of feed phosphorus.
• Can save more than half the amount of dicaclium phosphate.
• It releases other nutrients like divalent cations , proteins and sugars.
• Prevents the harmful irritant effect of phytate on gut wall.
• Thermostable enzymes can resist the pelleting temperature conditions.
• Contains Vitamin D3, the essential vitamins for gut absorption Calcium and phosphorus .

Inclusion rate:
500 g / 1 ton feed

Package: 25 kg