Feed Additives for Poultry

Each 1 Kg Contains:
Cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae             400 g
Manna oligo-saccharides                                  150 g
β-Glucan                                                           180 g
Propionic acid ( 99.5 %)                                    182 g
Fumaric acid ( 98 %)                                           10 g
Bentonite Clay up to1 Kg

• Broad spectrum antimycotoxin acting on wide range of mycotoxins
• Integrated and synergistic formula from biological and chemical antimycotoxins
• Acting through adsorption of mycotoxins from chicken gut and preventing their absorption
• Contains organic acid acting as feed preservatives against bacterial and mould growth
• Immune stimulant which is highly required to act against immune suppressive mycotoxins
• Easily mixed with the feed and thermostable to resist the pelleting condition
• Can absorb the water and ammonia to reduce the wet litter syndrome and making the gut condition unfavorable for bacterial growth
• Does not hinder the absorption of feed vitamins and minerals

Inclusion rate:
400 g – 1 Kg / 1 ton feed

Package: 25 kg